Sunday, 4 November 2012

For the Love of Music...

What started this blog? For a start, my too many posting of songs on Facebook!

Music is one of the great absolutes in my life. I can't live without it. It makes sense of my emotions, moods, thoughts and defines the unexplainable, the impossible, the meaning and the magic in things.

It is the language of emotions. It is the universal language. And writer and reader as I am, sometimes I find music is the only medium that can really express what I feel. Certain songs can just sum up feelings and states that are lost to words; these are the songs I want to share here, to see if they resonate with you too, like they do with me.

Sometimes one song will get stuck in my head (and heart) to the point of cerebral (and cardiac) combustion if I don't share it (what compelled me to start this blog). My whole mood is coloured by it, my viewpoint, my here-and-now, and over time, who I am. Our music soundtracks our lives. Tell me what music you like and I'll tell you who you are; tell me what you're listening to right now, and I'll make a good guess at your mood, at what feelings are playing topsy-turvy with your soul.

I'm a female I should mention, but what does it matter? Girl music, boy music - what's the diff? I'm just interested in good music. And what's good music? Music that resonates with us, music that moves us. That filters into our souls. That  touches us, cracks us open, heals us, lifts us, and most importantly - makes us more aware of being alive.

So please, if you feel the same, feel free to share some of your nearest and dearest songs, favourite artists, or what you're listening to at the moment. I'd love to share sentiments.

I'll start with the song currently stuck in my head by Gemma Hayes, Irish singer-songwriter. For some reason her acoustic melodies always come into my head this time of year.

Here's one that touches on the strings of heartbreak, with a graceful acknowledgement of inevitability, of letting go, of unselfishness, facing fear, realisation, recognition - 'Chasing Dragons.'

And what does that mean? 'You go chase your dragons, I'll chase mine.' Again, something that only the song can tell you. And if you're in the mood that fits it, you'll know. :)

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